“Policy Hackathon 2023 Participants Lead Educational Justice Campaigns Nationwide”

Driven by a powerful determination to create an impact, the attendees of Policy Hackathon 2023 spearheaded initiatives in five regions across the nation. Their collective endeavor focused on establishing educational equity for all, particularly for marginalized groups such as the Transgender Community, individuals with disabilities, and indigenous communities. United by the belief in their capacity to drive significant transformations, these young advocates are working towards fostering an inclusive atmosphere where no individual is left without access to educational opportunities. 

Bangladesh is a nation where educational disparities persist. Children from rural areas, as well as those from marginalized communities, face a variety of difficulties in accessing education. Due to their lower socioeconomic status and inadequate infrastructure, these children require a fair and equitable distribution of educational resources.  

In a series of impactful events from May 17th to June 6th, these change-makers left an indelible mark. These campaigns aim to tackle the urgent need for educational justice, particularly within marginalized communities. From workshops empowering transgender and tea garden communities to sessions fostering career pathways for students, the campaigns took root in Dhaka, Srimangal, Chuandanga, Rangpur, and Saghata. These events not only raised awareness but also inspired tangible action.

Throughout these campaigns, a range of critical issues were discussed, shedding light on the imbalances in education between urban and rural areas, the inclusion of persons with disabilities, and the importance of equal education opportunities. These conversations were instrumental in driving systemic change. 

People from different groups and organizations came to these policy forums. There were policy makers, teachers, members of the School Management Committee, reporters, and Representatives from the community. 

In a place where some people have better access to education than others, the actions taken by Policy Hackathon 2023 participants shone brightly as a sign of hope. These efforts were like guiding lights, working to make sure that everyone, especially those who are often left out, gets a fair chance at education. 

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