We do evidence backed research

IID carries out qualitative and quantitative research. Many of the IID research are backed by evidences gathered through field surveys, often of national scales. IID research can broadly be fitted into the following typology:

  • Policy evaluation and analysis: analysis of national development policies
  • Programme evaluation: detail assessment of development programmes or projects
  • Action research: analysis of contemporary and immediate development issues, reactive assessment of policy decisions, informed policy discourse, etc.

Research Communication

We turn numbers into stories

IID believes that the best way to draw other’s attention is to tell a story they can relate themselves with. That’s why we fashion research-based evidences into stories that policymakers and people can understand easily and connect with their own life.

Our research communication involves:

  • Visually illustrated policy briefs in both Bangla and English
  • Infographic story-telling and data visualization in pictorial and animated formats
  • Animated presentation and video contents

Research Highlights

Unique Research Approach

Follow-up research cycle

The uniqueness in IID’s research approach is that production of a knowledge resource is only the beginning of a policy advocacy cycle – not just a project-based one-off show. The research findings are communicated with policymakers and public, and the cycle moves on to oversee implementation, evaluate impact and identify further intervention needs.

Cutting-edge research methods and tools

In addressing the knowledge gap, IID innovatively employs modern research methods and tools, such as:

  • Mobile device based surveys for fast, error-free yet cost-efficient data collection.
  • Geo-tagged data collection tools that enable spatial analysis.
  • IID also conducts online survey and social media based survey/ data collection. Please visit for details.

Connecting research to policy makers and people

To promote informed discourse in policy making, IID involves both policy makers and people in the research process through several innovative approaches:


Engaging grassroots people through frugal technology such as low-cost audio-video-teleconference to uptake their perception in the research

Informed debate

Policy makers are actively engaged into constructive debate sessions to scrutinize an issues inside out. IID identifies those debatable issues and device an actionable plan based on the debate outcomes.


Policy makers and experts are actively involved in the research through consultation. Often their written opinions are taken to enrich the research outputs.


IID believes rather than isolated initiatives, collaborative efforts with stakeholder groups produce better outputs. Hence, IID collaborates with both public and NGO/private sector actors in policy research initiatives.


Our smart survey solution helps making smart decisions

IID carries out in-depth, scalable surveys with cutting-edge technologies to produce actionable results that helps to craft informed policy solutions.

Our mobile-device driven survey facilitates:

  • Map-ready data for geo-spatial analysis
  • SPSS and MS Excel integration
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Real-time results with presentation-ready tables and charts
  • Free of logical errors