Smart Bangladesh: Parliamentary Caucus on Justice Emphasizes Justice for All Sectors

Members of the Parliamentary Caucus on Justice have emphasized the significance of ensuring justice in education, climate, economy, technology, and social justice, asserting its crucial role in the era of Smart Bangladesh during a meeting of justice caucus held on 19 February 2024 at Intercontinental, Dhaka.  

As Bangladesh moves towards a digital and smart future, the caucus members discussed their activities during the meeting, highlighting their commitment to working towards comprehensive development and justice across all sectors through their roles in the parliament. 

Tanvir Shakil Joy, Chair of the Justice Caucus and member of parliament, emphasized the need to align the country’s education curriculum with labor market demands. He stressed the importance of skill development to meet not only national but also international job market demands. 

Md. Sanowar Hossain, Member of Parliament from Tangail-5, drew attention to the disparities in the country’s economic and skill sectors. He recommended modern vocational training in labor and environmental fields, adhering to international standards to bridge the existing gaps. 

Abdul Wadud, representing Rajshahi-5 in the parliament, expressed concerns regarding social justice, particularly emphasizing the impact of fundamentalism on social and cultural diversity. He called for addressing these issues urgently. 

Nur Mohammad, representing Jamalpur-1, highlighted the importance of justice in education for the realization of Vision 2041. He also raised the issue of ensuring the rights of disabled individuals in elections. 

Aroma Dutta, member of parliament from the reserved seats, advocated for empowering disabled individuals in elections and ensuring social justice for them. 

Mahjabeen Khaled, former member of parliament and the General Secretary of Justice Caucus, emphasized the need to eliminate disparities between local and expatriate workers. She also stressed the importance of multilingual support in establishing justice in education. 

About Justice Caucus: Officially established in 2021 as the ‘Justice Caucus’ parliamentary committee, it has actively addressed various aspects of justice and advocated for social justice, particularly in the areas of environment and climate justice. With support from IID, the committee has played a significant role in engaging parliamentarians, governmental, and non-governmental organizations to collaborate for effective legal actions. 

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