IID’s Citizen-led Social Accountability Strategies Highlighted at PAL Network Family Meeting 2023

Serving as the secretariat of ASER Bangladesh, IID attended the People’s Action for Learning (PAL) Network Family Meeting held on November 14, 2023, in Nairobi, Kenya. Throughout the event, attendees drew strength from diverse experiences, weaving lessons, and innovations to enhance children’s learning outcomes. Syeed Ahamed, the CEO of IID, shared valuable insights into IID’s impactful year-long activities. Moreover, he highlighted IID’s dedicated efforts in advancing the inclusive education sector in Bangladesh, shedding light on the institution’s commitment to fostering a more accessible and equitable learning environment.

The theme of the meeting, “Generating Inclusive Evidence to Create a Foundation for Lifelong Learning,” resonated throughout discussions among PAL Network family members. Engaging in meaningful conversations, the attendees exchanged their respective learning experiences and shared highlights from the year 2023. Syeed Ahamed outlined IID’s strategy, encapsulated by the concept of 3i: Citizen-led Social Accountability in Education, Learning and System Assessments, and Capacity Building.

The presentation spotlighted efforts in citizen-led assessments to measure learning losses pre- and post-COVID, advocacy for changes at the village, district, and national levels, and the utilization of tools like ICAN and ASER for assessments. Additionally, he discussed community and national-level surveys to gauge education system resilience and initiatives like the Education Sector Plan (ESP) Audit for participatory budgeting. The emphasis was on communicating evidence through diverse platforms to various stakeholders, including youth, local administration, and MPs, intending to generate actionable evidence and enhance capabilities across levels.

Representatives from various organizations across Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Pakistan, Colombia, Senegal, Mexico, Tanzania, Uganda, France, USA, Nicaragua, Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, UK, and beyond gathered in the meeting. They collectively shared a commitment to driving positive change in education, with a specific focus on promoting inclusivity and adopting evidence-based approaches.

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