The PALICE (Play and Learning in Children’s Eyes) education initiative focuses on empowering teachers with the skills to incorporate play into classrooms, utilizing the tools- Teacher RePlay and Children ReAct. As part of the commitment to refining and enhancing the initiative, IID organized a “Reflection Workshop on PALICE Master Training” in the Gaibandha district on December 19, 2023. The workshop aimed to gather feedback from 18 participants, including headmasters, teachers, program organizers, and educators representing various organizations, including BRAC IED. Their insights are invaluable in refining the PALICE tools and developing a master training package.

The workshop explored diverse dimensions of play, emphasizing the essential role of play in the learning process, as showcased by experts. Addressing the characteristics of play, and the facilitation spectrum, the sessions included illustrative videos of play activities. The detailed process and utilization of the tools were explained.

To extract valuable insights, a methodical feedback collection unfolded through this structured reflection workshop. This involved interactive sessions, group discussions, and hands-on activities meticulously designed to capture the perspectives of education practitioners. Actively engaging in group discussions, participants drew from their classroom observations of play characteristics and facilitation levels, as well as their direct experience using the tools during both Pilot 1 (which took place from May 14th to June 11th, 2022 in Gaibandha and Sreemangal) and Pilot 2 (which occurred from August 28th to September 29th, 2022 in Gaibandha and Sreemangal) studies.

This facilitated exchanges where they shared experiences, voiced concerns, and provided recommendations. This tailored approach ensured a comprehensive understanding of their experiences, contributing to the ongoing refinement of PALICE tools, and ensuring their effectiveness in diverse educational settings.

IID is implementing the PALICE initiative in Bangladesh as part of a Consortium led by fhi 360, with support from The LEGO Foundation.

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