Building learning culture within & among CSOs-CBOs is vital for organizational adaptability

For CSOs-CBOs to be agile in project design, implementation, and management, in addition to documenting learning, it is critical to establish an efficient learning culture and strengthen it – both within and among organizations. The observation came through during a workshop on ‘Adaptive Management’ hosted by IID.

IID’s education unit organized the 2-day-long workshop in Dhaka from 5-6 December 2021 with its education partner organizations #NextGenEdu, Teach for Bangladesh (TFB), Udayan Swabolombee Sangstha (USS), and Multipurpose Socio-Economic Development Association (MSEDA).

One of the primary objectives of the first day of the workshop was to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of adaptive management and how the concept may help organizations become more agile in their project design and project management.

Waliullah Bhuiyan, Co-founder & CEO of Light of Hope, and Mahmudul Hasan Sohag, Chairman of OnnoRokom Group, joined the workshop as facilitators to lay out the key theoretical concepts of adaptive management and provide exemplary practices and case studies of adaptive project management from the development and private sector.

The focus of the second day of the workshop included how to capture learning, incorporate the lessons learned, and be adaptive in project management. On this day, the education partners of IID shared their organizational learnings and experiences in managing several projects over the years. Consequently, the partner organizations explored new ways to build a learning culture and came up with efficient learning-sharing mechanisms.

The workshop was organized with support from Global Partnership for Education‘s (GPE) Education Out Loud (EOL) initiative.

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