NEQMAP AGM 2023: A Decade of Educational Advancement and Future Directions

NEQMAP’s AGM concluded with a focus on educational disparities, the importance of foundational literacy and numeracy, teacher impact, and equity in education. The meeting emphasized data-driven and technological innovations in teaching, along with active collaboration for implementing new educational initiatives across the Asia-Pacific.

The Annual General Meeting of the Network for Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia-Pacific (NEQMAP) marked a significant milestone in its journey of advancing educational quality. The meeting focused on addressing contemporary educational challenges, celebrating a decade of achievements, and setting the course for future endeavors.

Tackling Key Educational Issues
A central theme of this year’s AGM was the pressing need to bridge educational disparities, particularly for marginalized and disadvantaged groups. Discussions highlighted the critical role of data-driven approaches in identifying and addressing learning gaps and the necessity of integrating cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence in educational assessments. These discussions underscored a commitment to innovation and adaptability in educational practices.
Celebrating a Milestone: 10 Years of NEQMAP
As NEQMAP celebrated its 10th anniversary, participants reflected on the network’s vital role in enhancing the quality of education across the Asia-Pacific region. Over the past decade, NEQMAP has brought together a diverse array of experts, government bodies, research institutions, and civil society organizations, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing knowledge and experiences in student learning assessment and monitoring educational quality.
Insights from the Closing Remarks by Syeed Ahamed
In his closing remarks, Syeed Ahamed, the Steering Group member of NEQMAP and CEO of IID, highlighted the AGM’s shift towards actionable solutions. He commended the proactive engagement of members in volunteering for the implementation of new initiatives, reflecting a move from discussion to action. Ahamed expressed his appreciation for the invaluable insights and contributions from all participants, emphasizing the importance of these learnings in guiding future efforts to enhance educational standards across the region.
Distinguished participants, panelists, and attendees

At the NEQMAP AGM 2023, discussions were enriched by the CEO of ACER, Amit Kaushik, and Mr. Richard Gonzales from Inno-Change International Consultants Inc., who offered valuable perspectives on technology-driven educational advancements. Joining them were Mr. Lars Sondergaard, Lead Economist at the World Bank, Dr. Silvia Montoya, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (virtually contributing), and a cohort of dedicated professionals including Sangay Tshering, Curriculum Developer at Bhutan’s Ministry of Education and Skills Development, Kitignavong Khampaseuth, Director General at Lao PDR’s Ministry of Education and Sports, and Sarin Sar, Deputy Director at Cambodia’s Ministry of Education Youth and Sport. Their presence underscored a commitment to fostering collaborative efforts and shaping a progressive educational landscape in the region.

Looking Ahead
The AGM not only served as a celebration of past achievements but also as a springboard for upcoming initiatives. The discussions and collaborations set in motion plans for continued and enhanced efforts in the coming years, aiming to further elevate the quality of education and learning assessments in the Asia-Pacific.

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