Study on scaling up Sisimpur’s primary school initiatives

IID is assessing the scalability of Sisimpur’s school intervention project on enhancing essential life skills. Sisimpur is a popular initiative of Sesame Workshop Bangladesh, and IID’s study will assess its ongoing intervention in 52 government primary schools of Raipura, Narsingdi.

Sisimpur’s intervention distributes teaching and learning materials on Bangla and on essential life skills such as healthy habits, earthquake and water safety to schools and students. Among others initiatives, it increases the capacity of school teachers in delivering reading and life skills instructions, creates awareness on the project using Sisimpur characters.

IID’s assessment will focus on identifying the needs of scaling up and the beneficiaries of Sisimpur’s projects. An appropriate model for the project scale up will be chosen, keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses and implementing strategy of that model. IID will also evaluate whether there are adequate organizational and physical resources to carry out the project at the scale up level. In addition, monitoring and evaluation of the pilot project will be performed to understand the feasibility of the chosen model to be applicable for the scaling up of the project.

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