Comprehensive data-sharing and monitoring system for improving value-driven & evidence-based policymaking

Comprehensive data-sharing and monitoring systems between the governments of migrant-sending and receiving countries would solve the problems of integration and reintegration of migrant workers.  Besides the government’s initiatives to partner with CSOs, the formulation of evidence-based policies would be another effective measure in addressing and managing the issues related to migration. These issues are pointed at the 4th stakeholder consultation for the Asia-Pacific Regional Review of the implementation of GCM which was held on 03 February 2021. IID CEO Mr Syeed Ahamed as a Co-Convener of CGCM co-hosted the 4th stakeholder consultation.

The theme of the consultation was, “Improving value-driven & evidence-based policymaking and public debate and enhancing cooperation on migration”, where key challenges, best practices, and recommendations for improving value-driven & evidence-based policymaking and public debate, and enhancing cooperation in implementing the GCM objectives (1, 3, 7, 17 and 23) were discussed.

Along with CGCM, the event was co-hosted by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (ICRC) and the Australian Red Cross.

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