Phase Two of ELANA Tool Testing Begins

After carrying out Field Trial-1, IID’s education unit successfully completed the 2nd Field Trial (FT-2) of its initiative ELANA (Early Language & Literacy and Numeracy Assessment) in the Gaibandha district. 

ELANA is a language, literacy, and numeracy test that measures pre-primary and early primary grade competencies in kids between the ages of 4 and 10. It is one of the earliest attempts at creating a uniform assessment framework, with the goal of gathering information regarding young children’s early and fundamental language and numeracy skills that are in line with SDGs 4.2.1 and 4.1.1. (a).

As part of the preparation, IID organized a 3-day workshop to train the surveyors, district-level coordinators, and other relevant stakeholders about the administration protocol of the ELANA tool. A total of 33 volunteers and 4 district coordinators participated in the workshop.

After three days of rigorous training on the tab-based common assessment tool, the second field trial (FT2) of the initiative began on August 30, 2022, in the Gaibandha district. During this field trial, 30 surveyors worked across 5 upazilas of Gaibandha, conducting the assessment with approximately 1,200 children, aged 4–10 years, in the households.

The PAL Network member groups in 12 nations across Africa, Asia, and the Americas use the tool, which is now being developed in 9 languages. Utilizing tablets and a software created for this purpose, the assessment is carried out digitally. The assessment allows for a more accurate and detailed estimation of the competencies of the students.

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