Bangladesh Highlights Collaborative Education Transformation at UN, IID Leaders Share Insights

New York, September 17, 2023 – Bangladesh’s Education Minister, Ms. Dipu Moni, highlighted the nation’s commitment to collaborative education transformation at the Transforming Education initiative held at the United Nations Headquarters. The event was attended by leaders from various nations and organizations, including the CEO of IID Syeed Ahamed and Additional Director Shaheen A Parveen. During the gathering, they engaged in a meaningful conversation with Ms. Moni, shedding light on IID’s endeavors to accelerate the achievements of SDG 4 in Bangladesh.

Ms. Moni underscored the significance of viewing education is a collaborative endeavor, stating, “We approach the matter with the humility that we are all learners and with the conviction that each and every one of us within mobilization and beyond has the agency and influence to be the solution.” This sentiment resonated deeply with the broader goal of the event, which aimed to further the momentum from the 2022 Transforming Education Summit and demonstrate that transformative educational change on a grand scale is achievable. The session featured insights from various dignitaries, including the President of Sierra Leone and key representatives from UNESCO and UNICEF. Ms. Moni also highlighted Bangladesh’s collaboration with the STD hydraulic steering committee and expressed hope that the nation’s efforts in validation would inspire global education transformation.

Finland’s Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Pasi Hellman, shared their nation’s strategies and commitments towards educational transformation, emphasizing equity, quality, and overall well-being.

As the session concluded, the collective message was clear: collaboration and shared insights are crucial for achieving transformative education on a global scale. With such synergies, the world can move towards a brighter educational future

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