The PolicyCampX initiative, aimed at empowering grassroots youth in public policy advocacy, has successfully trained 300 young people across 14 districts in Bangladesh. The month-long program, which ran between September and October 2023, provided comprehensive training in civic education and policy advocacy through a hybrid approach of online learning and peer interaction. Led by 48 Policy Champions, graduates of the Policy Camp 2022 and 2023 cohort, the initiative exceeded expectations, reaching over 30 participants in some of the districts. 

The discussions at PolicyCampX revolved around empowering youth in policy advocacy, challenging gender stereotypes, fostering empathy, and effective communication. They emphasized the significance of youth engagement in public policy, offering insights into IID’s 3i approach (Inquire, Inform, Involve) and the distinction between equity and equality in policymaking. 

Besides the training, participants collaboratively planned year-long activities of Youth for Policy focusing on pressing community issues, showcasing their commitment to positive change. Reflecting on their growth and learning experiences, participants expressed their dedication to advocating for fairness, gender equality, and equitable policies, aligning with the mission of Youth for Policy and IID. 

The continued success of PolicyCampX is a testament to the power of youth engagement in policy advocacy and civic education. The overwhelming response from the youth community and the exceeding participation numbers underscore the importance and relevance of such initiatives in today’s society. As we move forward, the commitment and dedication of these young advocates will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping a more just and equitable society. 

Policy CampX 2023

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