IID demands justice over killing of 26 Bangladeshis in Libya as the secretariat of CGCM

The human trafficking gang involved in the shooting & death of 26 Bangladeshis in Libya must be brought to justice without any delay. In this regard, Bangladesh should take help from international organization, if needed.  In the false hope of sending migrants to Europe, this human trafficking gang has long been holding them hostage and persecuting. The latest victims of this gang are Bangladeshis.

IID, as the secretariat of Global Commitments on Migration (CGCM), released a joint statement demanding justice along with other members of CGCM.

Download the joint statement

যৌথ বিবৃতিটি দেখুন

The statement mentioned that the ongoing civil war of Libya over taking control is their internal affair. But taking this opportunity, the human traffickers has been active there for almost a decade.   They are keeping migrants hostages in the camps across the Libyan border near the Mediterranean and sending them to Europe in small boats. Bangladeshis are often losing lives there in accidents. These came up from the description given by one of the survivors in the latest shooting that happened and also other media coverage.  The traffickers held hostage around 40-42 people, including 36 Bangladeshis, for ransom.

Human traffickers have long been holding Bangladeshis hostage with promises of migrating to Europe. Taking the opportunity of ongoing civil war in Libya, the human traffickers have been active there and take an average Tk 3-4 lakh from each migrant.

Bangladeshis are kept hostages in the camps across the Libyan border near the Mediterranean and sent to Europe in small boats causing frequent accidents where Bangladeshis often lose lives, according to media reports.

International organizations must take responsibilities so that no such lives of migrants are lost anymore.

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