IID’s shift to Home Office amid COVID-19 pandemic


IID has shifted to ‘Work from Home’ policy amid the recent COVID-19 pandemic and with the shift of work location comes a few shifts in tasks as well.

New task:

As a social responsibility, IID has undertaken new tasks to respond to COVID-19 pandemic.

  • COVID-19 awareness campaign
  • Rapid survey –
    1. COVID-19’s impact on women
    2. COVID-19’s impact on migrants

Pivoting Tasks:

Education unit

how to re prioritize learning system during pandemic and recession

  • A parenting series for- tips on interacting with children during pandemic
  • Government’s policy response for SDG 4 during pandemic and recession (upcoming)

Youth unit

  • Youth champions working for –
    1. Raising awareness in pandemic
    2. Building resilience for post-pandemic recession

Continue Existing Tasks:

Keep continuing the existing tasks that has long-term impact


  • Capturing lessons learnt from “Violence Against Women in Election” projectKeep continuing the existing tasks that has long-term impact

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