Final Trial Marks Milestone in Assessing Early Childhood Learning

IID recently completed the third and final field trial (FT3) of the Early Language and Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (ELANA) project in Gaibandha district. ELANA, a tablet-based assessment tool, aims to evaluate the linguistic and numeracy skills of children aged 4–10 in rural communities, aligning with SDG 4.2.1 and SDG 4.1.1(a). 

Prior to the trial, IID organized a comprehensive training program in collaboration with its local-level education partner, Udayan Swabolombee Sangstha (USS), from December 13th to 15th, 2023, to equip volunteers with the necessary skills for assessments. Over three days, 33 volunteers were trained in assessment methodologies and the use of dedicated data collection apps. On the third day of training, volunteers participated in a field visit to test the app with children, providing them with practical exposure and enhancing their understanding of the assessment process.  

Following the training, the data collection phase commenced from December 16th to 18th, 2023. Data collection took place across 5 Upazilas (sub-districts) of the Gaibandha district, covering 15 sampled villages. After the training, 30 volunteers were finalized for final data collection, who formed 15 teams, with each team assigned to one village and paired for efficiency. The volunteers conducted assessments with a total of 300 children aged 4-10 years old from 300 households. The assessments focused on early language, literacy, and numeracy skills, aiming to gather comprehensive insights into children’s educational development. 

The FT3 served specific aims, including testing the functioning of the adaptive application and item sequencing, as well as testing the effectiveness of Village, Household, Parent, and Child questionnaires. Additionally, the trial evaluated field and monitoring processes to ensure robust data collection. 

This final trial represents a crucial milestone in the ELANA project, paving the way for its full-scale rollout. The data collected will play a pivotal role in shaping policies and interventions aimed at improving early childhood education nationwide.  

The ELANA initiative, a collaboration between IID-ASER Bangladesh, the PAL Network, ASER, and the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), seeks to address the current state of early childhood education. Insights from the trial will inform future educational interventions, shaping effective strategies for marginalized communities’ educational enhancement. 

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