IID takes initiative to engage youth in policy making

Nearly 42% under 15 years of age and 70% under the age of 35, Bangladesh can easily claim to be a country of youth. However, 76% of those youths believe they have little or no influence over government decisions and 75% youth perceive entrepreneurship as risky. This creates a situation where the public policy gets decided and implemented by the minority of the adults, although the young people mostly face its consequences.

The process of public policy making in Bangladesh is highly centralized and people are not equipped with information and skills required for effective policy advocacy. Aiming to change the scenario, IID took initiative to empower and engage youth with public policy through policy entrepreneurship education, on 2nd October 2017. IID would implement its resources and expertise to educate and equip youth with knowledge of public policy and policy advocacy by conducting a 5-day long workshop.

The proposed initiative aims to develop and execute a youth policy entrepreneurship program, which will train the local youth leaders about public policy kit, policy advocacy and policy leadership. This project will create Youth Policy Entrepreneurs who would be able to influence public policy outcomes to better suit their self-interests collectively.

Since IID’s inception, the organization is vividly working to promote inclusive public policy where informed mass are being connected to the central policy making sphere.

In the light of existing youth leadership and entrepreneurship ecosystem scenario, public policy entrepreneurship development should be a focal with massive opportunity to collaborate and contribute.

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