IID’s Policy Breakfast series is an innovative approach to open discussion on policy issues by involving high impact individuals and top level policy makers. An advisory committee chooses the theme for each episode of Policy Breakfast, and introduces a motion which is debated during the event. Participants are invited to come in for a morning session where they are also served breakfast, creating an informal ambiance that is conducive to open and constructive discussion. Furthermore, to assist in an informed debate, IID provides participants with an info-page on the theme which presents information in a creative and clear manner. The culmination of these aspects leads to a solution-driven dialogue on the selected theme.


  • Chatham House Rules are followed to encourage candid discussion
  • Promotes pluralism in participation
  • Secret ballot on the motion to come up with a house decision
  • Policy recommendations and decisions are compiled and presented

Project Details

  • Date:Ongoing (Started March’ 15)
  • Partner:National Democratic Institute, Canadian high commission
  • Category: Participatory Governance

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