Govt co-operation can ease the labour migration process

The latest session of Hello MP adopted a new concept in order to reach utmost place of Chittagong and to connect local people with Parliamentary Member.

Roksana Yasmin Suty MP, – a member of the parliamentary caucus on migration, talked to the participants of  Rangunia ,Chittagong district as part of IID’s fairer labour migration campaign. Different issues including migration scamming to Visa procedure difficulties were addressed in this session of Hello MP.

During discussion participants mostly demanded Co-operations from various sectors of migration process. The most highlighted sectors were –

Foreign mission: The participants asked for cooperation during visiting foreign missions. Many Participants demanded to maintain a proper notice board so that they can be informed about application deadlines.

Medical Centres: Participants also asked for Passport and Medical Centre services to be upgraded.

Foreign Countries: Ex – migrants demanded a help-line for them so that can be in touch with.

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