Fairer labour migration demanded through HelloMP!

Local citizens complained about the harassment by middlemen and demanded fairer labour during video conference through IID’s latest HelloMP session.

Roksana Yasmin Suty MP, who is also a member of the parliamentary caucus on migration, talked to the citizen of Kalia,¬†Norail district as part of IID’s fairer labour migration campaign.¬†Following video shows the glimpse from the last two sessions.

During the event that took place on 13th August 2017, participants shared their concerns and queries regarding safe migration to the honourable MP Roksana Yasmin Suty. Many also demanded proper assistance from government’s end. Honourable MP promised to present the issue on next parliamentary meeting.

She also promised to visit local passport office as some participants raised concerns regarding fair practices at some service providing centres. Later on, the MP made sudden visits to the local passport office and spoke to aspirant migrants about their experience with the passport offices.

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