IID joins Libraries Unlimited as Policy Partner

IID has joined the Libraries Unlimited programme as a Policy Partner and will work with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh and the British Council. The programme aims to modernise the public library network, build the capacity of government officers and library staffs and build public awareness of and access to library and information services in Bangladesh.

Through this programme, 64 public libraries across the country to be transformed into model libraries; 500 public library staffs to be trained on leadership, ICT and services; and 15 million citizens will be reached through national public awareness campaigns.

LU is currently implemented in Bangladesh by the British Council in partnership with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and supported by Department of Public Libraries. It has been designed based on the findings of the Library Landscape Assessment of Bangladesh study, published in June 2015. IID carried out the research tasks of the library landscape study carried out the research tasks of the library landscape study and is the Policy Partner of this programme. IID and the British Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 13 July 2017 for this partnership.

As a part of its policy and advocacy strand, Libraries Unlimited will develop a shared vision of 21st century libraries across Bangladesh that embeds the country’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and provides communities with access to information, knowledge and skills development.

In order to develop the shared vision, British Council and IID will support the relevant Ministries to develop a Vision Document for modern libraries which will set out the government’s vision and commitment to public libraries in Bangladesh to improve policy, practice and funding for modernizing public libraries to reach longer term impact of enabling citizens of Bangladesh to improve life outcomes and contribute positively to society.

To this end, a number of Policy Breakfast and local Policy Forums will be organized as part of national and local level consultations for the Vision Document for modern libraries.


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