Empowering women migrants calls for information dissemination & middlemen regulation

Members of CGCM (CSOs for Global Commitments on Migration) and representatives of various stakeholders of migration came together to discuss empowerment of women migrants at the presentation on findings from BNSK’s study ‘Empowering Women Migrant: Challenges in Service Delivery System’ at 7th December, 2019. The Research Findings Sharing was attended by Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud MP, Honorable Chairman Standing Committee on MoEWOE, Md. Selim Reza, Honorable Secretary of MoEWOE and Dr. Nomita Halder NDC, Member of National Human Commission Bangladesh.

This research of BNSK, which aimed to investigate gaps in service delivery system in both origin and destination countries, found that cost of migration for female has significantly reduced over the years. However, most of women migrants encounter some kind of human rights violation in destination countries and returnee migrants fails to secure their future for not having plans of investing their earnings. The participants argued that empowering women migrants calls for better information dissemination and regulating middlemen.

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Participants in the discussion on various issues of women migration included Dr Nurul Islam of BMET, Tapati Saha of UN Women, Suraiya Banu of ILO, Lira Shirin of British Council/PROKAS, Syeed Ahmed of IID and Supriya Shahnewaz of OKUP. Sumaiya Islam, Executive Director of BNSK, presided over the Research Paper Sharing event.

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