Ambassador of Bangladesh to Jordan endorses Model Consulate

The newly appointed Ambassador of Bangladesh to Jordon, Nahida Sobhan, endorses IID’s Model Consulate. She consented on promoting and implementing the concept in Jordan embassy upon joining. She also agreed to share her experience & feedback of implementing Model Consulate to IID.

Syeed Ahamed, CEO of IID, along with other members of CGCM (CSOs for Global Commitments on Migration) went to meet the Ambassador on 8th January 2020 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In a lively two- way discussion Syeed Ahamed shared the idea of a migrant-friendly Model Consulate. The Ambassador appreciated the idea and requested the representatives to share the framework of the Model Consulate with her.

Number of returnee migrants and aspirant migrants to Jordan accompanied the CGCM delegation to seek the support of the Ambassador in improving the consulate services for migrant workers. The migrant workers shared a number of ideas with the new Ambassador which included arranging regular gatherings or social events for migrant workers, ensuring migrant friendly services and easy access to the embassy for migrant workers. The ambassador assured them that the doors of the embassy in Jordan will remain open for the migrant worker.

While listening carefully to the suggestions of migrant workers and their experiences, the Ambassador stated that it is not the sole responsibility of the government but also of the migrant workers to seek and demand the government services proactively. She also advised the aspirant workers to carefully go through their contracts, complete the BMET training properly and use the regular pathways for migration. Upon following the regular migration pathway, government will take on the responsibility of the worker’s security in destination countries- mentioned Ambassador Nahida Sobhan.

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One behalf of the CGCM representatives, Sumaiya Islam, Executive director of BNSK (Bangladesh Nari Sromik Kendra) requested the Ambassador for extending consular service even for Bangladeshi irregular migrants.

Shakirul Islam, Chairperson, OKUP (Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program) suggested formalizing the referral system for complaint handling between the embassy and CSOs.

Feedback from Jordan embassy can be shared with other embassies & consulates to improve the concept of Model Consulate in the future.

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