Improving the services; promoting fairer labor migration

As hefty amount of remittance is sent from the Gulf countries by a great many Bangladeshi workers, it is imperative for Bangladeshi High Commissions to prioritize migration related services in these countries.

A consultation on model high commission was organized to bring together representatives from government institutions, development partners and media to discuss how to improve the services provided to migrant workers.

The consultation was held on April 24th 2019 in BMET Conference Hall. It was organized by IID in collaboration with Bangladesh Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET) and in partnership with PROKAS, British Council.

During the consultation, 6 areas on how the services can be improved, was identified.

  • Decentralization of services
  • Improving the quality of the services
  • Need specific specialized services
  • Adequate remuneration to the service providers
  • Skill development of service providers
  • Using diaspora to improve the services

The ministry can have selected representatives who will provide the services by visiting specific locations. On the weekends the migrant workers will visit these relatively more accessible places to get the services they need. There can be community representative who will maintain liaisons with the migrants and the embassy. They can receive remuneration for their services. Service providing will also vary according to country. The required services in Malaysia and in KSA will not be the same. We have to understand the market. KSA should be given priority while improving the services. The gratuity and salary of the welfare workers and foreign services varies. When there is such discrimination in same mission the quality of service declines. The appointed service providers can be given on the job training of digitizing the entire service or before job training to enhance the quality of the services. We have a huge diaspora in the host countries. They are also very skilled. If we can use this diaspora we can improve the services we provide.

Among others, Ms. Nasreen Jahan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, Md. Salim Reza, honorable Director General of BMET, Dr Nurul Islam Director (Training) of BMET and Gerry Fox, Team Leader of PROKAS, Shirin Lira, IBP Manager and Gender & Inclusion Adviser of PROKAS were present in the consultation.

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