Harness primary health care services for urban poor [video]

Dr. Alayne Adams, Senior Social Scientist, Icddrb attended our 9th Policy Breakfast on Urban Primary Health Care held on July 28, 2016. In her speech, she especially focused on health care need of the poor in the urban area. There are different groups of people with different types of health care needbut for most, pharmacy is the first point of heath care. It reflects lack of health literacy, existing services are not meeting the poor’s need in terms of accessibility, location, proximity, hours of service, sets of services available to the poor.

Hence, to support the health need of these particular vulnerable groups, it is important to tailor the services according to the need. Also, services should be provided by different agencies like, private, public, NGOs, etc. There are many important things like, managing waste disposal, creating clean space and more opportunity for living a healthier life, etc. that city corporation can do to ensure healthy environment to harness health of the people living in the urban areas. She thinks, many important issues came up through this dialogue and it should continue to discuss issues on how urban health care services can get more organized and effective.

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