IID to work on inclusive public policy reform

IID launched project to work on multifaceted themes which would take the country’s policy making process of different sectors to the next level. Themes of the project are aligned with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)i.e Gender Equality (Goal-5), Reduced Inequalities (Goal-10), Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (Goal-16).

IID will do some regional level policy forum under the umbrella of the project to learn regional stance on those themes. IID will follow up and share those regional views with Dhaka centric top tier policy makers and experts. And finally the compact series of findings and recommendations will be presented to the political parties of Bangladesh since the public call can only be reflected through active role of political parties.

IID will perform it’s several flagship models both in regional level policy forums and Dhaka based National forum. To ensure inclusive and pluralistic approach IID is currently working on developing and designing innovative stakeholder matrix.

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