ASER Bangladesh

ASER Bangladesh is a partnership between IID and BRAC for evidence-based policy advocacy through citizen-led assessment.

ASER Bangladesh News


Basic Competency Assessment

Assessment of children’s basic learning competencies using the citizen led assessment (CLA) model.

Citizen Report on Education

To assess the situation of schools, where the assessment looks into areas such as cost of education, discrimination at school, teacher training, safety, and participation, among others.

Education Program Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation of government and non-government education programmes.


National Advocacy Campaigns

The campaign aims to identify critical education sector issues and engage at the policy level to address them through frequent e-FGDs, e-Seminars, workshops and roundtable discussions.

Global Partnership

IID is proud to represent Bangladesh globally as a member of UNESCO’s Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia-Pacific (NEQMAP), and the PAL Network.