Understanding economic recovery of flood-victims

The northern part of Bangladesh has been affected by a serious flood because of river overflow. Above 2.5 million people of 67 Upazilas of 17 districts are now suffering for the flood. Various post-flood agonies like acute crisis of food, drinking water and outbreak of waterborne diseases have been reported. What will be the long term affect of this flood on the economic activities of the flood victims?

From mid-May to mid-June, 2016 IID, on behalf of University of California, Berkeley, conducted a survey on 20 flood prone districts of Bangladesh to find out the income-expenditure pattern of BRAC microfinance clients and also to see their pre-flood situation.

Areas where base-line survey took place

Areas affected by the flood, as of 3 August 2016 (source)

Side by side images show the areas where the base-line survey took place, and the areas that has been affected by the flood. Special measures are now being taken to support the economic recovery of the flood-victims.

In January 2017, an end line survey will be conducted to understand the effect of these economic measures on the post-flood situation of these clients. It will be interesting to see how this study by the University of Barkley and efforts by the BRAC contribute to the recovery of the flood-victims.

By Sunjida Rahman

Information Source: Bangladesh: Flood Situation Analysis, August 02, 2016

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